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Patient Portal Glitches

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Yesterday some people reported having problems with their patient portal logins and forms. Our current EHR provider has been making improvements to our program and may have cause some glitches that caused this to happen. It is now believed to be resolved, and working correctly. 

However, if you do have an issue with log in or getting to the paperwork that we set up for you please do the following:

 Step 1: Clear your Browser Cache

Inter­net Browsers will attempt to store com­mon­ly accessed web­sites or por­tions of a web­site in order to speed up Inter­net brows­ing. The files that are stored are known as cached files. This comes in handy for web­sites that aren’t updat­ed very often.

Since updates and enhance­ments are made to the Valant EHR quite often, the cache may need to be cleared on occa­sion. If a page in the Valant EHR sud­den­ly won’t load prop­er­ly, the cache may need to be cleared.

Mozil­la Fire­fox

  1. Click the menu but­ton  and and click His­to­ry
  2. Select the Clear Recent His­to­ry 
  3. In “Time Range to Clear” drop-down select Every­thing
  4. Select all of the check­box­es except “Site Pref­er­ences” 
  5. Select Clear Now
  1. Com­plete­ly Close (Quit if on a Mac) Fire­fox and reopen before attempt­ing to login. 

Inter­net Explor­er

  1. Go to Tools | Inter­net Options
  2. In the Gen­er­al tab, click Delete under the “Brows­ing his­to­ry”
  1. Check all of the check box­es except “Pre­serve Favorites web­site data”
  2. Click Delete
  3. Select OK
  4. Close and Reopen Inter­net Explor­er (before attempt­ing to login to Valant again)

Step 2: If you are still having problems please Contact the office for assistance. (865) 264‑2400

Thank you all for your patience in this mat­ter,